Casall Exercise Mat Balance 4 mm Sunset Yellow

Sale price399 kr


  • Quick facts

  • Exercise mat made of durable material
  • Suitable for most flexibility and strength exercises
  • Can be used with or without shoes
  • Detailed product description


    Article number 533041171

      Size & Weight

      • Product size: 183.0x61.0x0.4 cm
      • Product weight: 0.60 kg
      • Packaging: 61.0x9.0x9.0 cm


      • The Casall Exercise Mat Balance is a versatile exercise mat suitable for most flexibility and strength exercises. The mat provides good cushioning and a good grip with or without shoes. Made from a blend of EVA and TPE foam, does not contain PVC or phthalates.​​​​​​​


      Care advice

      Never expose to direct sunlight. Use barefoot only, hand wash in cold water (do not machine wash) and allow to air dry. Avoid storing the carpet next to painted or varnished surfaces.

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