ELIT 100% Pure L-glutamine, 300g

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Glutamine is an amino acid naturally occurring in the body. Many people who train today choose to use extra glutamine and if you are looking for a completely pure glutamine, 100% Pure L-glutamine from Elit Nutrition is recommended. This is a micronized glutamine that is completely free of additives.

  • Contains 100% pure L-glutamine
  • Free from additives
  • Easily mixed with water
  • Has a neutral taste

There are about 20 different amino acids. About half of these are essential, which means that they must be supplied through food and about half is produced by the body itself. Glutamine is not an essential amino acid but it is an amino acid that has enjoyed a lot of attention among athletes for a long time. Today, many athletes choose to add extra glutamine as a supplement to their training and diet.

When choosing glutamine, Pure L-glutamine from Elit Nutrition is recommended. Elit Nutrition has not tampered with this product in any way, but only 100% pure glutamine is used here. The product is completely free of additives and other active ingredients and the glutamine is micronized.

 This glutamine has an almost neutral taste, which means you can mix it in plain water, juice, your protein drink or other liquid. It dissolves easily as it is micronized. Try adding a dose of high-quality L-glutamine to your daily routine today.

Number of doses per package:  100 pcs.

Recommended daily dose: The recommended intake for ELIT 100% Pure L-glutamine from Elit Nutrition is 1 portion mixed with 3 dl of water in the morning and 1 portion immediately after training. One portion = 5 grams. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.



1 scoop (5 g)


5000 mg


Ingredients and allergens:

100% micronized L-glutamine. 

Handled in premises where GLUTEN, EGGS, SOY and MILK are also handled and may therefore contain traces of these ingredients.

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