Elit Nutrition 100% Whey 900g

Flavor: Chocolate Brownies
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ELIT 100% Whey is an advanced protein supplement with high-quality ingredients. Creamy good taste combined with its easy solubility makes this protein worth its weight in gold!
  • 25 g of quality protein per scoop
  • Lovely taste
  • Mix of 3 different protein sources
  • Fits perfectly after training
  • Easily soluble
ELIT 100% Whey has been developed with two goals in mind, to be able to offer a quality protein with a high proportion of protein and minimal fat and carbohydrates. ELIT 100% Whey is a tasty and developing protein for muscle building and recovery.
Protein is the body's building blocks and it is the protein that builds up our muscles and helps with recovery. Every time we put our muscles under stress, which happens thousands of times every day to varying degrees, we need protein. Hence, it is of central importance to take ELIT 100% Whey in connection with training to promote muscle building and recovery.
ELIT 100% Whey suits you who are looking for a supplement to the diet or want to improve the results from training.
Also available in:
2300 g  ELIT 100% Whey, 2300 g
Dosage:  1-2 portions mixed in water or milk (3-4dl), 1-2 times per day. 
Quantity per portion: 30g.

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