Fairing Daily Greens, 250 g

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Daily Greens from Fairing Sports Nutrition is a carefully selected composition of vegetables, herbs and algae. Daily Greens gives you concentrated powders from the plant kingdom in a convenient and tasty way. Add Daily Greens to your daily routine to increase your intake of herbs, vegetables and algae. Fortified with MSM and chondroitin.


  • Well composed greens product
  • Fortified with MSM and chondroitin
  • Tasty refreshing taste
  • Can be used alone or mixed with Daily Reds from Fairing


Daily Greens from Fairing is designed for those who wish to increase their intake of green things from nature such as algae and herbs. Daily Greens is carefully prepared by gentle drying and then grinding to preserve as much as possible of the nutritional content of each ingredient. Daily Greens is also sweetened with stevia to further enhance the taste.


Daily Greens is also fortified with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), which is now a popular product in the muscles and joints product category. Interest in MSM only increases when this sulfur donor is added. You will also find chondroitin which, like MSM, is popular in products in the muscles and joints product category.


It is common to mix two scoops with water and drink Daily Greens as is, but there are other ways to take Daily Greens. Daily Greens are excellent in many smoothies or in a good salad. Experiment until you find your favorite use. Daily Greens can be used all year round and are ideal for mixing with Daily Reds.


Daily Greens together with Daily Reds are today an obvious part of the daily routine for many users.

Number of doses per package / Amount of use:  Take two scoops (6 g) daily. Mix in 2-3 dl of water or in smoothies. Fits perfectly in the morning. Contains 41 servings.

Nutrition declaration:

Nutrition declaration

Per 100g

2 scoops (6 g)



1,737 kJ / 415 kcal

104 kJ / 25 kcal


3 g


- of which saturated fat



- of which monounsaturated fat



- of which polyunsaturated fat

2.1 g



81.9 g

4.9 g

- of which sugars

4.14 g



20.5 g



15.1 g



1.8 g

0.1 g

30 / 2

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

8.3 g




0.1 g


Ingredients and allergens:

Dried powdered vegetables, berries and fruits (spinach, mint leaves, lime, OAT grass, WHEAT grass, spirulina , grain grass, inulin, rose hip [rosa canina], cissus quadrangularis, raw cacao, chia seeds, goji berries, flaxseed meal, sunflower lecithin, kale, broccoli, acai, chlorella, green tea), MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) chondroitin, sweetener (stevia containing steviol glycosides).

The product may contain traces of GLUTEN.


Storage: Store dry in well-sealed original packaging.


Other information:  Consider the importance of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. 

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