Fairing Nitrate, 120 caps

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Nitrate is very popular among both endurance athletes and those working out in the gym. Although it is possible to ingest nitrates through food, this is impractical and it is difficult to precisely regulate the amount. With Nitrate from Fairing, you get exact amounts of nitrate from spinach and beetroot in a completely vegan product.


  • High concentration of nitrate
  • With spinach and beetroot
  • 100% vegan

Nitrate from Fairing is a unique dietary supplement. Fairing uses natural plant extracts to maximize the amount of nitrate per capsule and the total amount of nitrate is clearly declared on the can so you know exactly how much you are using and can adjust the dosage accordingly. Nitrate is today a very popular supplement for endurance athletes, but it also works very well for regular gym training.

In ordinary food, we mainly find nitrate in vegetables such as spinach, arugula and beetroot. However, it takes really large portions of spinach, arugula or beetroot juice to come close to the amount of nitrate found in Nitrate from Fairing. This means that most people prefer to secure a sufficiently high intake of nitrate with a supplement.

Fairing Nitrate contains a mixture of nitrates from beetroot and spinach and is completely vegan. Fairing
Nitrate comes in practical capsules where you can easily dose according to your needs. Nitrate works both in the short and slightly longer term. For the best effect, it is recommended that you load up with nitrate daily 3-6 days before the competition with a final dose around 2 hours before the start

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