Fairing Recovery EXtreme, 1000g

Sale price299 kr


Recovery Extreme is an advanced recovery drink that is taken directly after training to optimize the body's recovery process. This is the product for you who train a lot and hard and want and get quick results!

  • High-quality hydrolyzate
  • Lightning fast recovery
  • Low lactose


After a hard workout, your muscles are in dire need of a quick fueling of carbohydrates and proteins to restore energy and begin the recovery process. Recovery contains refined raw materials that are taken up very quickly in the body and enable an optimal recovery.

The protein source in Recovery is also carefully selected and consists of hydrolyzed whey isolate which is almost fat & lactose free. The advantages of this protein are many, since it is hydrolysed, the stomach and intestines are not burdened as hard as with "regular" protein.

A hydrolysed protein consists largely of short peptides and free amino acids and is absorbed into the body immediately. It is important that the muscles quickly get access to amino acids in order to stop the muscle breakdown that occurs during a training session and start building the muscles instead.

The carbohydrate source consists of easily digestible glucose polymers that quickly, easily and gently pass through the stomach and intestines and quickly benefit the muscle cells.

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