Fairing Trib-70, 100 caps

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Trib-70, a food supplement from Fairing, contains Tribulus terrestris extracted for a full 70% furostanol saponins. Trib-70 belongs to the muscle gain product category.


     3,000 mg Tribulus at full serving

     Highly concentrated with 70% furostanol saponins

     Popular product in the muscle gain product category


Trib-70 from Fairing is one of the most concentrated Tribulus products on the market. Many products have a concentration of 55%, but Fairing has chosen an extract with a whopping 70% furostanol saponins. Furostanol saponins belong to the group of steroidal saponins.


Tribulus terrestris or beggar's nut, has a long historical use in China, India and some European countries. In modern times, Tribulus has been discovered by athletes and training individuals, and Tribulus has been a popular product in the muscle building product category for many years.

Trib-70 is a staple supplement for many and then it is important to choose the right extract of tribulus and not settle for the pure plant. An extract assures you that your tribulus contains an exact amount of steroidal saponins. Therefore, choose Trib-70, which gives you a whopping 525 mg of furostanol saponins per capsule.


Number of doses per package:  25 – 50 pcs.


Recommended daily dose: 1-2 capsules, 2 times daily. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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