Fairing Vegan Meal, 1400 g, Chocolate

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Faring has developed Vegan Meal, a product completely free from animals which instead bases its protein on pea protein isolate and rice protein. This is combined with Swedish oats, which provide both carbohydrates and extra protein.


  • Completely vegan product
  • With protein from peas, rice and oats
  • Can be used as a meal or after training
  • Contains Swedish oats


Fairing Vegan Meal is designed for those who completely opt out of animals and for those who are aware of what they eat. Vegan Meal contains a whopping 26 g of protein per serving and by combining three different sources of protein (peas, rice and oats) you get a more complete amino acid profile. Protein is a key nutrient for everyone as protein helps maintain and increase muscle mass.


The carbohydrates come largely from oats. These oats are also Swedish to guarantee the highest possible quality. Oats naturally contain gluten, but the content in Vegan Meal is below 225 ppm per 100 g.


With a fantastically good taste of chocolate, with Vegan Meal you get a well-composed, unadorned product that you can use as your own meal but also directly after training. Vegan Meal is flavored with cocoa, free from aspartame and mixes well in a shaker.


Content per

100g (serving)


1572 kJ / 376 kcal



Of which saturated fat




Of which sugars









Ingredients: Oat flour/OAT flour (GLUTEN), maltodextrin, pea protein isolate/pea protein isolate, fat reduced cocoa powder/fat-reduced cocoa powder, rice protein powder/rice protein, emulsifier/emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), thickening agent/thickening agent (carboxymethyl cellulose/ carboxymethylcellulose), flavoring agents, sweetener (sucralose).
Number of doses per package / Amount of use: Mix 100 g of powder (about three scoops) with 3 - 4 dl of water in a shaker. Can be used as a snack and also directly after training. One package contains 14 servings.

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