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Collagen is one of the most common forms of protein found in the body. An easy way to increase the intake of collagen is with Keto Collagen from Applied Nutrition, which only contains hydrolyzed collagen in combination with MCTs. This collagen comes from grass-fed cows. The product is completely free of colour, sweetener and aroma.

  • Collagen from grass-fed cows
  • Keto and paleo friendly
  • Free from colour, aroma and sweetening

Collagen is a connective tissue protein found in almost all tissues of the body. Collagen is also found in the food we eat, but then only in animals. Collagen is a tough protein that the body has difficulty breaking down on its own, but slow cooking often does the trick. If you don't want to indulge in slow cooking every day, then Keto Collagen from Applied Nutrition is a much easier choice.

Keto Collagen contains hydrolyzed collagen, which means that it is already pre-digested or in other words, already partially broken down. The collagen only comes from grass-fed cows. The collagen is combined with MCT. This product is completely free of other additives and therefore contains neither colour, aroma nor sweetener.

You can mix Keto Collagen in any liquid. You can take it as it is in water, but it also works great in food, smoothies, coffee and much more. Keep in mind that collagen can clump when mixed with too cold liquid.

Number of doses per package / Amount of use:  Mix 1 scoop (13 g) in any liquid / drink. Keep in mind that collagen clumps more easily in cold drinks. One package contains 25 servings.


Nutrition & Ingredients:

Nutrition declaration:

Per 100g

Per 13 g

DRI % *


1,977 kJ / 470 kcal

257 kJ / 61 kcal


23.1 g

3 g

- of which saturated fat

23.1 g

3 g


0 g

0 g

- of which sugars

0 g

0 g


0 g

0 g


69.23 g

9 g


1.08 g


18 / 2

*Reference intake for an average adult (8,400 kJ/2,000 kcal).

Ingredients and allergens:

Hydrolyzed collagen as peptides (bovine), medium-chain triglycerides.

Country of origin:



Store dry in well-sealed original packaging.


Consider the importance of a varied and balanced diet.

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