Premium Reinforced Wrist Wraps 18 inch

Sale price229 kr


Premium Reinforced Wrist Wraps are a must if you train hard and want the best support and good stability during your training.
Viterna Premium Reinforced Wrist Wraps are best suited for pressing exercises, but can also be used as a regular wrist support. Re-inforced means that this model gives you more support than the Premium Classic and contains more rubber that gives a stiffer feeling in the elasticity.

  • Perfect for press exercises
  • Easy application
  • Wrist support
  • High quality


A must for heavy and safe training!

Viterna Premium Reinforced Wrist Wraps are easy to apply with a perfect fit! With a couple of good wraps, you relieve the wrists, which helps you to lift heavier and at the same time safer. Best suited for press exercises.

Size: 18" Adjustable.

Material: 75% cotton, 25% rubber.

Color Black & Grey

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